All gender is drag

Teaser of a project around queer bodies I am currently working on.

Exhibition in Bordeaux 5th-15th of March - Maison des Arts Bordeaux Montaigne (more info coming soon)

Also looking for galleries in Europe to exhibit in the future.

Short artist statement:

"All gender is drag" is a project that uses black and white analog photography as a medium to capture the bodies of M’s friends and acquaintances. This project is not an open casting, but a choice justifying the reality of the bodies present in their entourage as a queer person.  “These bodies are not extraordinary, they are part of my day-to-day life and they are beautiful, real and touching.” adds M Dabbadie. The pictures provide the viewer with different body identities - gender is not a binary concept anymore, it is multitudes of intersecting identities, superimposed, altered, performed and deconstructed. The goal being to erase the relevance of assigning a gender to anyone. The project also questions notions of censorship and pre-established standards of beauty. M also displays their photos in the street, and by this reclaims the public space usually erasing queer, transgender and non-conforming bodies. Passers-by are confronted with raw body images, in their most striking intimacy and vulnerability.  

For more info, get in touch!