My Punk Nights

Last Minute Birthday Art Show at Esnkiftet by Marie Dabbadie

"Welcome to Enskiftet - the finest punk venue of 2017 in Malmö "Crime City". Today you are invited to see "My Punk Nights", an ongoing photography project documenting my nights out at shows mostly in Malmö and Copenhagen. I used what I call "my party camera", a small Canon 35mm to with a pop-up flash, to capture shows from the front row and the wanders of the night that come with being a drunk melancholic punk in the streets. This project is purely autobiographical and doesn't carry any political ideas
- it just tells a story.
I forgot the names of some people portrayed here but most of us here will find them familiar. They've become familiar to me too and now they've also become a part of what I want to show the world when I describe what it is to be me.
Thanks to Enskiftet for putting on great shows, thanks to all the punks for existing and thanks to all my friends for their support.
With Love,
Your local punx weirdo"

last minute bday art show enskiftet malmo marie dabbadie