A Tribute to Bordeaux Skate Punks

Marie Dabbadie x Vert Attack 2017 - Bryggeriet Skatepark, Malmö, Sweden

flyer vert attack opening night marie dabbadie
A tribute to Bordeaux Skate punks Marie Dabbadie vert attack
marie dabbadie vert attack tribute to bordeaux skate punks


Marie Dabbadie is a French skater, photographer, copywriter, founder of Xem Skaters - genderqueer skate zine - DIY artist and storyteller. Marie was born in Hossegor, lived in Bordeaux 4 years, moved to Copenhagen, spent some time in Logrono (Spain) and is now based in Malmö, Sweden.

"The story started in 2011 when I left my hometown and moved into my first flat in Bordeaux. The tapestry was so awful that I started to frantically cover all the walls with pictures from my favorite skate mags, music mags and artsy mags even before furnishing the flat. A week later, the 30 square meter flat’s walls were covered. This became a three years long unofficial exhibition and mood board. Every person crossing the door for the first time stayed silent and stared at the walls before even sitting down. The format of this collage reproduce an improved version of the technique I used to build the wall in Bordeaux. But the content is a little different...

You might have heard of the Black Bowl Battalion or you might have heard of that mystical wooden pool built in the vineyards of France next to Bordeaux. This collage is a tribute to them and to all the people behind the legend, this collage is a tribute to the ‘Bordeaux Skate Punks’. Who are they? All these people I spent most of my time with in Bordeaux, all these people that I could and can always count on and that inspired me to become the person I am today. Here’s a display of the feelings and the moments I went through translated into pictures all put together.

                                                                      The collage contains more than 200 photos both analog and digital all shot between 2011 and 2013 by me (except for one                                                                        picture where you can see me)."


Bands present in the collage are Doom Doom Tortuga, TV Smiths, the UK Subs, Pipe and Pints, Born to Lose, Vera Cruz, Tiger Bell, Chartes, Antifun Krieg and Admiral Arms.

People present in the collage are Julien Chauvineau (owner of Transfert Skateshop), Fred Ferrand, Vincent Baqueira, Melvin Abdou Salam, Douglas Oberson, Pauliana Laffabrier, Loic Morice, David, Maxime Conan, Bertrand Desjardin, Arthur Brière Uber Alles, Roch Tastet, Fabien Seto, Sebastien Cadillac, Lolo du porges, Paul Austin, Constantin Delmas, Peyo Gosset, Pti Yo, Gauthier Lavherne, Etienne Bara, Jeremy Hobon, Jeremy Plisson, Oscar the dog, Hugo Rauch, Dorian, Billy, Thomas Burdigala, Rico, Anthony Mura, Meddhi, Julien, Olivier, Geron, Romain Grota, Dog, Florian, Hugo and more...


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