Concentracion feminina de Bowl en la Kampsa II

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Iara dominguez skater girl la kampsa

It happened the 30th of march from 11am to 20pm in la Kampsa II (Pasaias – Spain)

There were around 30 skatergirls from all over Spain, France, Germany and Sweden.

This was the first international girl contest here.

Girls had to skate the all park to show what they can do on their skateboard for three minutes by round of three girls. There were qualifications and finals. Paula Arana (skater from Bilbao) was a great speaker and great motivator for all the girls. Good vibes Paula !

We have seen so many good tricks and so many different styles. Between Julia Wilshusen and her great tecnhique and famous style, Iara Dominguez (13 years old) the smallest one and her versatility to skate the all park doing transferts, Ianire Elogarria and her ability to do unbelievable tricks and lines, Maitane Mibdy with the price of being the most sketchy but in a really good way, Silvia Serret which is for me a legend of spanish skateboarding wich skated the big pool extension of la Kampsa, Nami and her crazy Hurricanes, Maka Irastorza and her big smile skating all the park, Lisa Jacob skating the bowl as she skates in the streets, Angi and Lola doing bonelesses everywhere, Erika carving fast into the bowl, and all the others showing us that female skateboarding in Spain is a reality.

The prices were only material but they were a lot, from LaPlaza Tf, Jart Skateboards, Dc, Caramelo Skateboards, Mosaic , Patagonia, Ratta Skateboards and Hey Ho skateshop. Everybody got something.

Here are the results:

  1. Julia Wilshusen
  2. Ianire Elorriaga
  3. Marie Dabbadie ( and photographer)
  4. Maitane Midby
  5. Silvia Rula
  6. Iara Domínguez
  7. Maka Irastorza
  8. Lisa Jacob
  9. Erika Caballero

And following Martina Díaz, Lola Altozano, Angi Disaster, Nicoleta Neagu, Berta Blackdolly, Ingrid Blackdolly, Alexis Navia, Paula Arana, Cristina Cociu, Aiala Landaberea ..

As you see I unfortunately was in the finals so I couldn’t take pictures of this part of the contest but I gonna take pictures of the others photgraphers to complete this article .

Thanks to Sika de Gala (Ripping magazine) which took really nice pictures, Unai Bellamy and Jaime Casal.

Thanks to la Kampsa II for letting us rinding this legendary park the all day and thanks to Maka, Paula and others for the BBQ (also vegan) and booze.

NOW I gonna talk with my heart about the days before and after the contest where Maka Irastorza accomodated us to the wonderful hostel Capitan Tximista where she is the co-manager.

I met Maka around two months ago on facebook, we talked a lot an she invited me to come visit her. I didn’t know where I was going but i didn’t care, I took the train to Irun, I met her at the skatepark and she brought me to her hostel by night on her two wheels. The morning I woke up and saw this fucking wonderful place wich is Capitan Tximista in the middle of moutains and nature with the greenest grass I’ve ever seen. She showed me her miniramp at the back of her house and offered me a coffee. I breathed deeply and I felt really alive and free.

One of the first thing she told me when we met at the skatepark was « cuando quieres, puedes » / « When you want something, You can have it ! » That’s what she did these days. She wanted to organised by her own a big gathering of girls in her house for really cheap. We didn’t pay nothing execpt the booze and the food for staying 5 days !

I went to spain this 28th of march to join this gathering of skatergirls from all over Spain to skate together and to do the first international contest of girls in the famous DIY skatepark la Kampsa II and actually it was not only a contest but as Maka said « una conivenca, forma de convivir » / « A gathering , one way of living together even if we are not from the same places for few days » and that was fa-bu-lous!

Yes we skated a lot around the skatepark of Irun, the miniramp of Maka and la Kampsa but we also discover this wonderful country wich is el Pais Vasco and we spent a really good time with all the girls talking about everything, chilling, sharing a lot and to conclude giving Love.

I’ll always remember the smile of Nicoletta in every place we went. She was like astounded by all she saw. Thanks to her I took beautiful pictures of happiness !

Imagine a place where there are 30 skatergirls living together in the middle of nature.

We went to the sea walking an hour in the woods and in the moutain thanks to Maka’s brother, we climbed up the cliffs, girls took a naked bath into the cold waters of the sea, we cooked together, we feed moutain goats, we slept together, spent time with the chillest dogs i’ve ever met, we were out of time for sure.. To conclude we lived the fabulous maka’s way of life. A huge thanks to her wich made dreams possible.

> Nicoletta : « I’d never imagine to do all these things by going to a skate contest! »

Words to conclude :

destroy eta gudariak