M Dabbadie


Queer, photographer, writer, punk show organizer, musician, zine-maker, editor and founder of Xem Skaters - genderqueer skate zine, translator, genderqueer activist, skateboarder, traveller, chef, in love with loving, rigorous contemplator, patient with chronic nostalgia but mostly story teller.

From Hossegor, France

Based in Malmö, Sweden

Name: M Dabbadie

Pronouns: They, them, their


email: marie.dabbadie@gmail.com



Work in progress:
All gender is drag photo series

Public speaking:
September 2018: Lecture "DIY zine making and community editorial - carving queer spaces in the skate scene"
at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 3rd of september 2018
June 2018: Invited speaker at the Pushing Boarders conference in London 1st-3rd of June in the panel
‘Not just some homogenised bullshit’: Skateboarding and the Gender-Identity Evolution

2019: Solo exhibition - ALL GENDER IS DRAG - Sex on the campus - 3rd - 15th of March, Zig Zag, Bordeaux, France
2018: Photos and video work exhibited at Rakel Stammer's solo show Failure is Love // Love is Resistance at Gallery FRANK, Malmö, Sweden
2018: Exhibition "Queer skaters" at CoVen: Lip Trick Lesbians, Cologne, 1st of September 2018
2018: Featured photographer during the Globally Stoked Photo Exhibition organized by Pushing Boarders - House of Vans, London - June 2018
2018: Featured artist at the 'Folx of WOF' exhibition during WOF 9 at the Evo Store - Exhibiting 9 original darkroom prints - 1st-31st of May, Seattle
2018: Photo exhibition "Grrrl and Queer Skaters" at Bryggeriet Skatepark during Get Set Go! and Vert Attack 2018 in Malmö, Sweden
2017: Unity Skateboarding personal video part premiered at Roundabout Skateboarding fest curated by Sergej Vutuc in Berlin, Germany
2017: Punx Art Show at Enskiftet in Malmö, Sweden Aug-Sept 2017
2017: Marie Dabbadie x Vert Attack - A Tribute to Bordeaux Skate Punks in Malmö, Sweden
2016: The Mother Exhibition - Photos and collages - Motherhood & Feminism w/ Rakel Stammer - 1st to 21st of December, Malmö, Sweden
2016: Hong Kong Ephemeral/Eternal - Expansion: Open Gallery at Inkomst, Malmö - 21st to 23rd of October
Showing a visual and audio piece about Hong Kong and the process of missing you
2016: Showing Xem Skaters at No Limit Meet Up - Jönköping, Sweden - 10th, 11th of September
2016: Fellowship: An Exhibition of Female European Skaters in London - 16th of July - 25th of July / Releasing Xem Skaters and showing non-binary skaters portraits
2016: Exhibition in Malmö : One picture | One exposure - Folkets park - Planket Malmö - 21st of May
2016: Yeah Girl - Dust Temple - Gold Coast - Australia - 11th of March - 24th of March
2013: Black Bowl Bataillon - Transfert Skateshop - Bordeaux - France
2013: We are snapshot - Chez Antigone - Lyon - France
2012: Skateboard, Lifestyle and Punk Rock - Hangar ABF - France

2018: Photo of the Cuntroaches on CVLT NATION
2018: Is skateboarding still norm-breaking? A speech about toxic masculinity and gender diversity published by Free Skate Mag
2018: Photos of Cuntroaches in Maximum Rock N Roll #421 - June 2018
2018: Photos from Girl Skate India Tour published in Confusion magazine #19 with text by Lisa Jacob
2018: Photos in Skate Witches #10
2018: Interview in Equis zine by Malou Bach
2018: Xem Skaters at the Bombay Zine Fest curated by Bombay Underground
2018: Mention of "Xem Skaters - LGBTQI communities and intersectional politics"
in the list of topics to discuss at the First International Academic Conference on Skateboarding - Re-verb
2018: Publication of Xem Skaters issue #3
2017: Interview in Fem Fam Zine
2017: Publication in The Mother zine curated by Rakel Stammer
2017: Article in Skate Witches Zines #9
2017: Full interview and photos of Sammy Anderson in print for Confusion Magazine
2017: Hole Ratz series published on Project Upcoming's website
2017: Thrasher magazine reviews Xem Skaters
2017: Xem Skaters at the Grrrl Zine Fair, Village Green, UK
2017: Shredders Lodge Interview
2017: Self publication of Bordeaux Skate Punks zine
2017: Fem Fanzine interview
2017: Featured in Skating The Rainbow article on http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com
2017: Xem Skaters - Issue #2
2016-2017: Xem Skaters at the Bombay Zine Fest in India
2016: Interview in Soma Skate Mag about Xem Skaters
2016: Xem Skaters - Issue #1
2016: Album covers for 18h15
2015: Confusion Magazine - Jimmy in Hullet
2015: The Outsider environments - Photos of Maria Angeles' raw Art
2015: Skatewitches fanzine #1 - Freaks
2015: 100% Skate magazine - photos of Pipa Souza - Brazil
2014: Interview and Portfolio - Dammn.fr
2014: Interview and Portfolio - United Skateboard Photography Project
2014: Confusion Magazine - Article about Sox
2013: Photographer - Skateboarding world cup - Marseille - France
2013: Photographer - Copenhagen Girl Skatecamp - Denmark
2013: Photographer - Rubicon Skate Camp - Birmingham - UK
2013: Photo reporter - XGames Barcelona - Spain
2013: Photo reporter for istia.tv - worldwide skateboarding news
2012: Jewelry photography for Michelle Kennedy
2012: Album cover for Doom! Doom! Tortuga
2012: Concert Photographer - Bordeaux - France
2012: Photographer for Bordeaux Cité Skate
2012: Magazine B2 - Shooting Printemps-été - Fashion - France
2012: Freelance photographer Toledano shoes - Bordeaux - France
2012: Magazine se33ions - Photos + Interview - Pauliana Laffabrier

February 2018: Xem Skaters #3 Release party at Enskiftet, Malmö, Sweden
August 2017: DJ set at the release party of the new series of erotic queer books for Genusredaktörerna.
August 2017: Last Minute Birthday Punx Art Show at Enskiftet in Malmö, Sweden
July 2017: Spot Crawl in Copenhagen with Yeah Girl
March 2017: Xem Skaters #2 Release Party at Enskiftet with punk bands and Djs
March 2017: Queer focused Skateboard Try Out with Xem Skaters & Tösabidarna at Bryggeriet Skatepark
August 2016: Xem Skaters #1 Release Party with TCTP at Moriskan, Malmö

2012: Winner of XSories Panajou Photo Contest in Bordeaux
2013: Third place - Concours Snapshot - J'ai tué ma mère - France

Lead singer and songwriter in La Bagarre
Activist Queercore-inspired Kaos
Lead singer, Art Director and songwriter in MORT-MOI
Industrial French Cold Wave